The Audit will culminate in an open access database of digitization projects accompanied by a set of proposed prioritization principles that will have been workshopped among stakeholders. The database will become a registry of collections that have been digitized and that warrant digitization. The latter will be a handy focus for funding agencies.

How to Register your Ongoing and Prospective Digitization Projects

You are invited to contribute to the database and it is suggested that you cast the net wide to ensure that all relevant collections are covered to minimise the risk of valuable digitization opportunities being missed. If you are not reading this on the web, there is a web-based response form at Please draw this web-page to the attention of any colleagues who are likely to be able to register relevant projects. If web-access is difficult, Excel based questionnaires will be available from the auditor at Submissions can then be made by e-mail or fax. 8846.

Distribution of Questionnaire

This questionnaire is being distributed to all known interested and affected parties. Please feel free to pass it on to colleagues. A current distribution list can be found at


Any queries should be addressed to the Auditor, Roy Page-Shipp, at, or 082 447 6289.

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