Digitisation Initiatives in South Africa

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The National Research Foundation (NRF) with the funding from the Carnegie Corporation of New York facilitates and coordinates digitisation initiatives at a national level. It is proposed that the NRF will host a national digitisation and digital data preservation centre with the following objectives:

  • provide technical digitisation support and services to those institutions that are not able to wholly or partially do it themselves;
  • provide or mobilize experts to conduct training and support for persons and institutions that would like to embark on a digitisation and digital preservation exercise;
  • coordinate collaborative digitisation and digital data preservation initiatives among HEIs as well as NGOs, and other organisations that are keen to collaborate and or provide digitisation support to others.
  • facilitate the sharing of knowledge.

An audit was conducted to establish the state of digitisation in the country, that is, to identify the digitisation projects currently taking place, including potential projects for digitisation in South Africa.

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