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Database of Data Resources in Africa

 Health Systems Trust. HealthLink Electronic Information Resources Catalogue. 2nd edition
URL of organisation
Postal addressPO Box 808
Type of organisationGovernment sector
Description oforganisationThe Health Systems Trust (HST) contributes to the development of a health system that can meet the demand of the South Africans, including the most disadvantaged.
Broad subject fieldsHealth Sciences. Biostatistics (2301)
Name of database/datasetThe National Health Research Database
Description of dataset(s) or databaseThe National Health Research Database (NHRD) serves as a repository of health-related research which has been and is currently being conducted in South Africa. As such, it is a useful tool for monitoring and managing health research for both the National Health Research Committee, and the 9 Provincial Health Research Committees (PHRCs). The database also allows researchers and research committees to map geographic areas in which research is being conducted, and provides a snapshot of current and past research priorities. This information is valuable to policy makers, donors and research institutions as it facilitates equitable and relevant allocation of resources for research priorities.
Accessible via the Internet
KeywordsHealth statistics; Health information systems
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Telephone number+27 31 307-2954 or +27 31 307-2954
Fax number+27 31 304-0775 or +27 31 304-0775

 Medical Research Council. Health Knowledge Network
AbbreviationsMRC; SAHealthInfo
URL of organisation
Postal addressPO Box 19070
Type of organisationScience councils and National facilities
Description oforganisationTo improve the nation's health status and quality of life through relevant and excellent health research aimed at promoting equity and development. Our vision is to build a healthy nation through research.
Broad subject fieldsMedical sciences: Clinical. General (2200) - Medical sciences: Basic. General (2100) - Health sciences. General (2300)
Name of database/datasetSA HealthInfo
Description of dataset(s) or databaseSA HealthInfo is a research knowledge translation tool and service to support innovation and improved decision-making in southern African health sectors. It is hosted by the South African Medical Research Council (MRC).
Accessible via the Internet
KeywordsSouth African Health Information; Health care in South Africa